Right light

LED from Prisma Tibro gives a lot of light for the money.
LED makes it possible to separate details and colours naturally.

Right protection

The right light gives a good protection against activities that likes the dark, but Prisma Eliott also gives a protection against birds.
On a distance they can’t be seen but the birds that are going to land will probably change their mind when they come close – efficient bird protection.
We use the same technique that often can be seen on train stations, sharp spikes on areas where birds want to sit. Our bird spikes are a in their shape a bit rounder/nicer but equally efficient.

Prisma Eliott in several shapes

  • With or without bird spikes – or plane case.
  • Curved glass or flat glass

Contact us

PRESS HERE to get more information – Malin, product manager Prisma Eliott.