Do you wish to kick the door open?

Maybe run into the Prisma Button with your walker?
Or hit it with a hockey stick?
We have a couple of satisfied customers who tend to do that.

Adjust it after your needs

Activate the Kick setting with a DIP switch on the inside of Prisma Button, and you will be able to open your door in so many different ways.

Nurses and caretakers wants to run into Prisma Button with a cart or a hospital bed.
The waiter, with his hands full of plates, wants to kick it.
The walker user might want to keep their hands on the handles, and bumps into Prisma Button, keeping their balance.
The durable outside, made of aluminum, can take it.


For a softer touch – let us introduce Softfront – Read more here.


How do you wish to open your door? Tell Djeljana, she will help you.