Smarter than your smartphone

Prisma Daps is pressure sensitive even with gloves.
The unique technology in Prisma Daps is sensitive to pressure in a smarter way than touch screens.
Therefore: Keep your gloves on when you want to pass.

Touch anywhere you want on the front

The advantage of the electronic push front, is that you can press anywhere you want on the front.
Down. Up. In the middle of. Or why not: The Prisma wheel, our logo.

The symbols

The symbols on the push front are symbols that explains anything but their position does not determine what happens.
So: The same thing happens no matter where you press on the front – namely: Prisma Daps preparing for “green man”.
Wheel: Showing this is the original = pedestrian signal developed in Tibro in cooperation with the National Association of the Visually Impaired.
Hand: A declare to press on the front
The man or the Bike: Indicates that there is a pedestrian signal for pedestrians or cyclists..


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