Bathhouses and car washes

Elbow switches are often situated at hospitals, schools or other places where it creates accessability.
These are, however, not the only places where Prisma Button can live.
The signal it sends can trigger most things.
Prisma Button can manage dampness, dust, fire and violence.

Indoors and outdoors

The IP-code garantees resistence against both dampness and violent treatment.

Takes a break at the event of fire

A gas explosion will be ignored – no doors will open if Prisma Button is set to “Touch”.

Would you rather kick?

Or drive into the elbow switch? The setting “kick” is appreciated by waiters that have their hands full and want to open a door.

Prisma Button can do many things

  • Immediate opening (1)
  • Extended push before opening: 1.5, 3 or 6 seconds
  • Delayed opening, where there is time for a lock to be relieved
  • Confirmation sound – confirms that the push is registered
  • Opening one or two doors (Nurse bed-function)
  • The kick-function makes it possible to send a signal with a kick or by
    driving into the button

Try the demo

Works best on a computer with a mouse.
CLICK HERE for the demo of all settings, Prisma Button.

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