Count the fingers

Our absolute goal is to be able to deliver within 10 working days from the day that we receive a complete order.
(It is ten fingers on the picture)

We hear it almost every day

– “It is long delivery time for LED-luminaries.”
That is probably because the customer refers to luminaries that are being sent from countries far, far away (for example China).
We on the other hand develop and produce Prisma Eliott street light here in Tibro.
Tibro is close to Hjo and Karlsborg and 17 km east of Skövde – in the middle of Sweden, northern Europe.

Our answer

When a customer asks us about delivery time we say 10-15 working days. This usually surprise the customers.
Try us – what we say on the order confirmation, we promise.

This is how we do it

Most components is produced in an area within 200 km from Tibro.
Furthermore: We like to write delivery plans for bigger volumes – that way we can still keep a low price and good service.


Do You need luminaries for the fall?
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