How are the luminaires, Prisma Light, packed and marked?

Our own ideas and thoughts have developed thanks to smart requests from our costumers.


The question has been asked by costumers and suppliers.
Someone contacted us before unboxing, to ask if we really had sent all that was ordered.
We had.

One or two

Some packages are designed for one or two luminaires.
The reason for that is that we only need one wrapping for two separate parts.

One or a few

When there are a few luminaries ordered, they are packed in corrugated cardboard.
Most with an explicative outside that shows what one can expect to find on the inside.

Multiple or many

When there is an order for multiple or many luminaires, we do the packaging with pallets.
Diligently placed for effective usage of space and protection against “chafe”.


The pallet is marked with a large printout with following information:

  • Order number
  • Quantity
  • Model
  • Control
  • Color temperature, lens combination, Ra
  • Set effect
  • Link for downloads


Since a while back, all packagings – cartons and pallets – are equipped with an informative etiquette with a QR-code.
Scan it, and the manual will surface on your cellphone/tablet.

Questions, quotations or order?

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