Enjoying the beach

Prisma Light Ellie creates safety along the beach.
And it looks like the luminaire likes the challenge  – yes we know: a luminaire doesn’t have feelings but as a manufacturer we like to think so.
What we do know is that Prisma Light Ellie can handle the life at the beach no matter what time of the year.
LED-technology from Prisma Tibro makes it possible to control the light with motions sensors or with a remote control. 

Spreads light over the parking lot

When no one is there the light is still on – but when someone (person) or something (car) shows up the light intensity of Prisma Light Ellie increases to give a welcoming and safe feeling.
The settings can be changed with a Android-app.

What does You project look like?

We will gladly help You with light calculations, suggest different solutions and help with placements, settings and anything else You need help with.
Please contact Malin, product manager for Prisma Light – LED-luminaries and she will help You.