First: Örebro, Sweden

Our first intersecton Prisma Daps 2100•L with 230AVC, was installed in Örebro, Sweden:
Östra Bangatan, gångvägskorsning at the main entrance to the University Hospital.

In 2016 Prisma Tibro is introducing the Prisma Daps 2000-series, the third generation of Digital Acoustic Pedestrian Signals – Made in Tibro, Sweden.

One of the world’s most developed

Prisma Daps 2000 is one of the world’s most developed pedestrian signals.
Quality-With-Design, excellent Performance and well adjusted functions is included in the price.

New electronic design

New electronic design brings bigger flexibility and more functions.
Improved sound settings, ambient noise control and vibration.
Settings installed through a user friendly App transferred via
NFC-communication or USB from Android device.
CLICK HERE to download folder presenting the news for Prisma Daps 2000•L.

Some of the NEW

  • Ambient noise controls
  • LED Light ring
  • Vibrator in bottom lid
  • NFC Transfer
  • Programming
  • Spoken message
  • Android App
  • Programming via USB Flash Drive
  • RFID-reader NFC
  • External loudspeaker
  • Night option
  • Yellow phase

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you have questions, enquiries and of course – orders.