Läs mer om Prisma Light Elton


We have quadruplets.
Our range of outdoor lighting has increased with four new siblings.

Prisma Light Elton

Yes, all four are called Elton and to differentiate them, they have an extension to the name that clearly shows two things: generation (1 = first) and size (small, medium, large, extra large):

  • Prisma Light Elton 1-S
  • Prisma Light Elton 1-M
  • Prisma Light Elton 1-L
  • Prisma Light Elton 1-XL

Name theme

You have probably already guessed the theme for our names, that we think this way:
• Street lighting: boys names
• Park lighting: girls names
• Names start with ”El” – so, welcome Prisma Light Elton!
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