Prisma Light Elton

Modern street light in four models

From footpath to highway – this luminaire can handle multiple tasks
Prisma Light Elton consists of a complete series – four models. The street luminaire fulfills its task at pole heights between 3-20 meters.

Prisma Light Elton delivers significant amounts of lumens and comes with various lens combinations. The advanced yet simple features that customers of Prisma Light Eliott and Prisma Light Ellie already know and love are there: and even a few more. Nema and Zhaga are two examples.

Prisma Light Elton is tool-free for opening. Prisma Light Elton is ready for service. Now.

A new generation is launched

In June 2023, the new generation of Prisma Light Elton, 2-X, is launched. 

Here are some of the improvements:
• Higher IP rating: IP66
• Increased energy efficiency
• Longer lifespan: 100,000 hours L90 B10 at Ta 25°C
• New lens: SCL/SCL