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Prisma Light Ellie Constant

Prisma Light Constant

On or Off.
The customer decides power level once. After that it can only be changed by returning it to Prisma Tibro, Sweden.
Straight forward but still remarkable technique show more accurate colors and a lot of details – just like the other models of Prisma Light with LED-technique from Prisma Tibro.


Prisma Light Ellie Remote

Prisma Light Remote Prisma Light Prisma Nattljus

Change setting with remote control
Power change in steps of 1 Watt
Prisma Moonlight rise or lower the power one period a day.
Done from the ground, without skylift.
This solution is a success. Activated directly or the day the customer discover the possibilities. Prisma Light Ellie Remote is prepared from start – all you need is a remote from PrismaTibro.


Prisma Light Ellie Detect

Prisma Light Detect Prisma Light Android-App Prisma Light Dashboard

All features of modern LED-technique available.
Let presence decide the power. Or let the hour and presence decide.
Set power output for presence and when no one is there.
Also set the number of luminaries to lit up at detect.
And set time between last detect and returning to absence-level.
All these setting can be changed using Android-app and dongle.
Gather statistics regarding power usage and detects.