Prisma Light Ella

A bollard as a buddy

Just as brilliant as the rest of the Prisma Light outdoor lighting
A complement to its sister, Prisma Light Ellie, but Prisma Light Ella can also create the ambiance that the pedestrian path requires on her own.

Prisma Light Ella was also developed in collaboration with the Danish designer Morten Lyhne.

The bollard fits nicely around entrances and as a framing element for parking areas. Prisma Light Ella can handle life close to the ground and withstand tough conditions, whether they come from weather, wind, or mischievous individuals.

A new generation is launched

In June 2023, the new generation of Prisma Light Ella, 2-16, is launched.
Here are some of the improvements:
• Control: from Constant to DALI
• Increased energy efficiency
• Longer lifespan