Prisma Light

Classic Street Light

Developed during 10 years
A classic street light luminaire that is both developed and produced by PrismaTibro. During this first decade we have gathered tons of knowledge and experiences. The profil of Prisma Light Eliott have been perserved but the look of it can vary when it comes to colour, birdspikes (or not), curved or flat glas. Many customers have been able to ad extra luminaire to their projects over a few years and likes that the look stays the same. The big improvements has been done under the hood – more efficient, smarter and even safer technology.
Prisma Light Eliott offers advanced functionality, easy to use. A high delivery capacity is appreciated by the customers.


2009 The first prototypes, three were shown to a customer who wanted to buy them directly – the prototypes!
2012 The first big orders were produced to customers in Sweden and in Denmark.
2017 A new member in the family: the park luminaire Prisma Light Ellie
2018 The development team is working really hard on some new things.
2019 Elton joins the Prisma Light family.

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