Prisma Light Eliott Remote

Change setting with remote control.
Power change in steps of 1 Watt
Prisma Moonlight rise or lower the power one period a day.
Done from ground, without skylift.
This solution is a success. Activated directly or the day the customer discover the possibilities. Prisma Light Eliott Remote is prepared from start – all you need is a remote from PrismaTibro.


Rise or lower the power one period a day.
Watt Standard power
Start Hour for Prisma Moonlight to start, e.g. “23”
Period Hours for Prisma Moonlight, e. g. “06”
Level Power during period, e. g. “12”
All these setting can be changed with remote control and customers PIN-code.

5-40 W
Prisma Eliott 2-16
Prisma Eliott 3-16

10-60 W
Prisma Eliott 2-32
Prisma Eliott 3-32

3000 kelvin
4000 kelvin
6000 kelvin

Standard: 5 years
Option: Up to 15 years

Prisma Light Eliott 2: Osram, 16/32 pcs
Prisma Light Eliott 3: Osram/Cree,  16/32pcs

Walking and cycling path
Parking lots
Main roads
Urban roads
Jogging tracks
Industrial areas
Traffic routes

Prisma Light Eliott 3

IP67 within the glass, IP65 for the entire luminaire

Prisma Light Eliott 2
IP67 within the glass, IP33 for the entire luminaire