Prisma Light Eliott Detect

All features of modern LED-technique available.
Let presence decide the power. Or let the hour and presence decide.
Set power output for presence and when no one is there.
Also set the number of luminares to light up at detect.
And set time between last detect and returning to absence-level.
All these setting can be changed by Android-app together with a dongle.
The installation can provide You with useful statistics.


Motion sensors.
The settings are:
Absence light: The power when no one is present.
Presence light: The power when a luminaire has detected someone/something.
Amount of luminaries: The amount of luminaries that should change the power at the same time as one luminaire detects presence.
Time for presence light: Number of minutes that the presence light should be active before it goes back to absence light.

The settings can be adjusted by:
Android-app + dongle

Less than 5 luminaries
Can be preprogrammed in Tibro.
Call +46 504-400 40 for more information.

More than 5 luminaries

  1. Mount the lumniaries without thinking that they should be mounted in a specific numerical order.
  2. When the installation is done, take You Android-app and dongle and “create a site”.
  3. Then do the settings with the Android-app.
  4. Option: Supervice with help of a Gateway (Dashboard).

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5-40 Watt
Prisma Light Eliott 3-16

10-60 Watt
Prisma Light Eliott 3-32

10-90 Watt
Prisma Light Eliott 3-32

5-40 W
Prisma Eliott 2-16

10-60 W
Prisma Eliott 2-32

3000 kelvin
4000 kelvin

Standard: 5 years

Prisma Light Eliott 3
Osram/Cree, 16/ 32 pcs

Prisma Eliott 2
Osram, 16/ 32 pcs

Walking and cycling path
Parking lots
Main roads
Urban roads
Jogging tracks
Industrial areas
Traffic routes

Prisma Light Eliott 3
IP65 for the entire luminaire, IP67 within the glass

Prisma Light Eliott 2
IP67 within the glass, IP33 for the entire luminaire