Prisma Button

The dome is now available for order:
”Push and hold”, product ID 750-0025, will declare the delayed opening function in Prisma Button.


It might be difficult to perceive that you may need to hold the button for the door to open.
Some may believe that the door opener, or the automatic door, has stopped working.
Instead, it depends on the Prisma Button being set on “hold for a while, and I will obey.”
The reason for this feature is to avoid unnecessary openings – For example, if someone accidentally touches the button, or is feeling mischievous and presses the button without the intention of using the door.

Setting options

Every Prisma Button has the option delayed opening/response.
The settings are made with small switches – DIP switches – under the hood.
You can easily adjust how long the delay will be on you automatic door activator – that is how long you have to hold the push-button until it opens the door.
The options are:

  • No delay
  • 1,5 seconds
  • 3 seconds
  • 6 seconds

The dome is evident and enduring

With the new dome it will be obvious if your Prisma Button is set on ”delay”.
Just like the rest of the Prisma Button it enjoys both the in- and outdoors and stands against the elements.
The same reliability, the same long lifetime, the same Prisma Button – with the new dome: only more evident.