Prisma DI Ovality Kit

Prisma Ovality Kit is an accessory to DI-5/DI-5C and it’s mainly designed to measure the cylinder liners ovality and wear on diesel engines with cylinder diameters from 180-600 mm and stroke length up to 870 mm.

The transducer associated with Prisma DI-5C and Prisma DI-4C enables Prism DI Ovality Kit to measure the differences down up to 1/1000 mm.

Prisma DI-5C with associated software makes it possible to transfer the measured data to a Windows PC and even export the data to an Excel sheet for further data process and comparison.

Note! To use the Prisma DI Ovality kit a standard 89 mm transducer is required, that’s why Prisma DI Ovality Kit is not compatible with Prisma DI-5S and Prisma DI-5CS which got 60 mm small transducer.

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General Specifications

  • Measuring distance cylind liner
    180-600 mm
  • Cylinder stroke
    870 mm
  • Compatibility
    Prisma Ovality Kit is compatible with Prisma DI-5C which got 89 mm transducer.
    Note! Prisma Ovality Kit is not compatible with Prisma DI-5CS small 60 mm transducer.
  • Case
    500 x 425 x 170 mm
  • Weight
    5.4 kg

Prisma Tibro, Sweden DI Ovality-Kit

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Prisma Tibro, Sweden Prisma Ovality Kit