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Properties DI-5C

  • Reliable and safe to use

  • Smooth mounting

  • High flexibility

  • Large measuring range

  • Easy to reset

  • Backlight function

  • Turns off automatically after 45 minutes of inactivity

  • Battery indicator

  • Saving up to 45 measurements internally

  • Windows PC interface

  • Export as Excel

Prisma DI-5C Deflection Indicator

Detects Crankshaft Deflection
Extremly high accuracy. Used by many engineers in more than 90 countries worldwide. The device is used to measure the crankshaft deflection of enginess on both vessels and power plants. Prisma DI-5C gives the opportunity to transfer the readings to Windows PC’s via USB cable and even to Excel for further data process and evalutation.
Prisma DI-5C is made in Sweden with 5 years warranty.

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General Specifications

  • Measuring distance
    89-565 mm
  • Measuring range
    +/- 2.048 mm
  • Resolution
    0.001 mm
  • Zero balance range
    +/- 2.048 mm
  • Zero drift
    Up to 0.001 mm / 5 minuter
  • Instrument operating range
    0-55 °C
    32-130 ° F
  • Transducer operating range
    0-80 °C
    32-175° F
  • Battery
    3.6 V Lithium Ion, rechargeable
  • Battery life
    10 hours/Charge
    Shelf life 5 years
  • Extension bars
    10, 20, 40, 80 and 2 x 160 mm
  • Cable length
    7 meter
  • Instrument
    190 x 167 x 50 mm
  • Transducer
    Ø31 x 81 mm
  • Case
    300 x 280 x 140 mm
  • Weight
    3.3 kg

Actual version 4.0.1
The software of Prisma DI-5C is developed for Windows computers and it’s available to all DI-5C users who fills in the form below.

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Prisma DI Software, Prisma DI Ovality Kit

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