Prisma Daps RFID

Capacity to handle RFID

All models of Prisma Daps 2000•L got the capacity to handle RFID.
RFID communicates through NFC.
Start using it today!

Up to 16 tag groups

Program up to 16 tag groups –for different functions and geographical areas.
Decide how Prisma Daps 2000•L should act with the RFID-tags that are in use.
RFID-tag can be activated for extended green time, demand green light, to increase sound level or to emit a spoken message.
What can happen is determined by the eventual needs which may exist among the road users and of course approved by the traffic authorities.


Group of users can for example be:

  • Teachers (school classes)
  • People with impaired vision
  • People with impaired hearing
  • People with function disability

All depends on the needs of the end users and which groups should be provided with a tag.

Program with Android App

Which are the targeted groups and what are the needed settings for each group can easily be done with the Android App.
The settings can be forwarded quick and easily with the same technique: NFC and accordingly ready to be used.
Of course this installation can be done already upon delivery from PrismaTibro, Sweden – but it can be changed whenever is required.

Prisma Tibro, Sweden | Prisma Daps | RFID

Three categories of RFID-tag

  • High frequency for Prisma Daps 2000 – put the tag on the top cover.
  • Low frequency for Prisma Daps 1000 – hold the tag under the bottom lid.
  • Combi-tag for both Prisma Daps 1000 and Prisma Daps 2000, it is a combination of the above high and low frequencies

What happens when the tag is used?

  • Spoken message can be emitted
    For example: “You are now standing on “North avenue”.
  • Demand green light
    RFID-tag users can demand green light
    even if the Prisma Daps is set to a fixed time schedule.
  • Warning message can be emitted
    For example: “Please pay attention, this road is under construction”.
  • Extended Green time
    It gives an extended green time which is very helpful for older people who are walking slowly and even when many are trying to cross the road.
  • Higher locating sound
    The locating tick-tick sound can be higher.


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