Discover the new Prisma Daps 2300•S

We are expanding Prisma Daps 2000-series with 4 new models:
Prisma Daps 2310•S Walk, LED light ring
Prisma Daps 2315•S Walk
Prisma Daps 2320•S Bike, LED light ring
Prisma Daps 2325•S Bike

New function and thinner

Error detection makes life easier for the repair and maintenance team and even safer for road users.


  • Prisma Daps TS-910
  • Prisma Daps TS-911
  • Prisma Daps TS-920
  • Prisma Daps TS-921

Just like the models Prisma Daps 2300•S replaces:

  • Without locating sound
  • Without tactile information
  • Without visual information


  • Dip-switches to easily adapt the functions
  • Vandal-proof quality
  • Aluminum housing
  • Attractive design
  • No moving parts
  • Error detection


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