Constant Power Supply

Prisma Daps 2000 requires constant power feed from the traffic signal.
Previously, the power were supplied from the lamps: Red and Green phases.


If you feed Prisma Daps via the lamps, you will not be able to detect yellow phase – yellow flash.
The reason: If the power supply is down upon roadworks or for any other reason, Prisma Daps will not get power at all and will therefore be completely shutting down.
With constant feed, even upon roadworks – and other circumstances while the light signals are out of order – Prisma Daps is still able to communicate useful information.


In the case of yellow flash, you can make sure that Prisma Daps gives a message about what’s happening – it’s appreciated by many but especially those with impaired vision.

Constant/Direct-Power Supply

In order to utilize the full capacity of Prisma Daps 2000 regardless the status of the intersection, it is important to ensure that Prisma Daps gets its power supply directly from the pole.

Additional advantages

  • New traffic controllers cannot afford feeding the Prisma Daps via the signal head lamps anymore.
  • You do not need to feed Prisma Daps with the same voltage as the one on the lamps.
  • Reduced manufacturing costs
  • More economical in operation
  • The ability to activate Yellow-flash

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