Prisma Daps

New functions

  1. New functions
    Button Sound Change has three new options for setting of duration.
    • Until next green phase
    • Until second shift to same phase
    • Until third shift to same phase
  2. Button Sound Change could also be controlled by wire.
    It is now possible to activate different button sound change setups depending on if a wire is active or not when a button is pressed. If wire 1 (night option) is used you can define different button sound changes for day time and night time.
  3.  In the Sound menu a new button ”Play Sequence” is added.
    When pressing this button the sound is repeated every second until ”Stop” is pressed.
  4. In the Buttons->XXPush->PhaseX->LightX menu three new options are added.
    • Flashing (Firmware DAPS2-20170215-B or recent is required)
    • Follow the RED Lights
    • Follow the GREEN lights
    This makes the LED light ring and/or the LED front lights flash synchronously with the traffic lights.
  5. Audio file “Prisma_Sound_Yellow.wav” is now available for activation on yellow phase.
  6. In the Buttons->XXPush->XX Phase->Light 1/2 menu these duration options are now available.
    Only when the button is pressed down
    • Hold to next GREEN
    • Hold to next PHASE
  7. A phase shift could now create a virtual button
    This could for example be used to play a voice message when green or red phase is activated.
    (Firmware DAPS2-20161207-A or recent is required)
  8. The ”Export to USB” function could now also be accessed from within the Com menu.


When pressing “Play” on an audio file that does not have a format that is required by Prisma DAPS a warning message is displayed to notify the user. Prisma Daps requires for instance the the audio file is recorded with the sample rate 22050 Hz.


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