Prisma Daps

Christmas holiday season is coming soon

Why don’t you place your order already by now!

We do recommend you to inform us about your inquiries in the earliest if you would like to get your order delivered to you at the beginning of 2018.

PrismaTibro holidays calender

22 December 08.00-12.00
2-4 January 2018: 08.00-17.00
Closed: 23 December to 1 January 2018.
Closed: 5-7 January 2018

Contact us

If you are planning to order Prisma Daps Pedestrian Signals or may be spare parts for your stock, please let us know to help you.
Here is an overview – CLICK: To find out which Prisma Daps 2000 that replaces earlier models.


You are most welcome to contact us and as always we will do our best to support you.
Contact Sonja, Sales Prisma Daps +46 504 40051
Contact Harut, Sales Prisma Daps +46 504 40043