Prisma Button

Open now or later

Do you want the door to open right away when the button is being pushed?
Or do you require a delay, so you have to push it a little while longer for the door automation to activate?
Maybe your door is located in an environment where a long push is suitable, to avoid unnecessary openings.

Regardless of what your need is Prisma Button will offer the solution for you – without you having to think about ordering different options or extras.
The opportunity to use the extended push is a standard feature on all models:

Settings by DIP switch

The settings are easily made with small switches on the inside of Prisma Button – DIP switches.
Choose between different options:

  • 0 seconds – The door opens straight away
  • 1.5 seconds
  • 3 seconds
  • 6 seconds

Any questions?

Which setting is best suited in your environment?
Contact our sales team for ideas – CONTACT


Do you want it to be obvious that an extended push is required to open the door?
Read more on the Push and Hold sticker – HERE