Prisma Button 800

The long-established Prisma Button 750 – in an updated, longer version.

Choose between pushing, kicking or driving into Prisma Button to activate the door automatics.
Create accessibility and flexibility through one installation.

Same vandal resistance, same accessibility, but with more and enhanced features in a healthcare-hygienic casing.


Choose your settings using small switches on the inside of your Prisma Button.
Instructions to be found in
“Manual Installation Prisma Button 800”.

A durable outer casing made of extruded aluminum.
Smart electronics that protect themselves against excessive force.
If there is any external deformation, the device will recalibrate itself and resume normal functioning. IK10 rated.

Use your Prisma Button as a kick switch.
It can take it.
It will spread the pressure on the wall behind, to protect the wall.
Make the kick setting using a DIP switch.

Choose whether you want the door to open immediately or if you want to extend the push for a moment to trigger the desired response.
Select a delay of 1.5, 3, or 6 seconds, depending on what is suitable for the environment.

Accessories can be attached to the Prisma Button to indicate that it needs to be held down a bit longer, to prevent anyone from thinking the elbow contact is not functioning.

Do you want some sort of confirmation that you have pressed the elbow contact? Apart from the door opening, of course. With a DIP switch inside the elbow contact, you can easily activate a confirmation tone. The Prisma Button will respond with a beep, confirming that the signal has been sent.

Double-door control.
The option for Nurse Bed opening is created using DIP switches and dual relays.
The Nurse Bed opening is commonly used in healthcare environments where the ability to choose between opening one door or both doors is desirable.

A short press opens one door (nurse opening/limited opening).
A 1.5-second press opens both doors (bed opening/full opening).

Prisma Button is designed to withstand tough outdoor environments and blend into indoor environments. Moreover, the new Prisma Button family is adapted to operate in environments with strict hygiene requirements.

The contrasting design creates accessibility and eliminates the need for a contrasting background. The contrast between the natural anodized aluminum outer profile and the black anodized push front is 0.8 NCS.

799 mm
95 mm
25 mm
1,3 kg

Power supply
18-30 VDC
Connection cable
3 wires minimum
Power consumption
Rest ≈ 30 mA
Activated ≈ Max 47 mA
Relay, max rated current
Per pole: 2A • Totally max: 6A
Material outer profile and push front
Material lids

Sunda Hus
Class A
Classification in progress
Fire Classification