Prisma Daps Detect with presence detection

  • Auto cancellation 
  • Presence detection 
  • Touchless demand

Presence detection 

Upon requesting green phase, Prisma Daps detects presence.
Therefore: if the person who requested to get a green phase by touching or swiping and then regrets and leaves, Prisma Daps checks if another person is left or if someone is standing on the other side of the street and waiting. 

Auto cancellation 

If there is no one left waiting to pass the pedestrian crossing, the request for the green phase is removed and the traffic flows. 

Newly added feature: Swipe 

Until now, touching the front of the Prisma Daps was required to request the green phase – now it’s enough to swipe. 

As usual: Sound and Light 

When requesting green phase – through a swipe or touch – an audible confirmation Beep sound as well as light confirmation through both the LED light ring and LED light in front will be emitted. 

The benefits of Prisma Daps Detect 

  • Auto cancellation when the pedestrian is not left at the crossing 
  • Reduces unnecessary traffic congestion = reduces carbon dioxide emissions 
  • You do not even have to touch Prisma Daps to show that you want to pass a pedestrian crossing. 

Detect is optional for the following models 

  • Prisma Daps 2100 • L Touch Walk 
  • Prisma Daps 2110 • L Touch Walk 
  • Prisma Daps 2120 • L Time 
  • Prisma Daps 2130 • L Time 

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