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We would like to deliver as per your plan

What are your plans? More and more customers started providing us forecasts. Some of them started placing frame orders for the upcoming year. It's smart. This will ensures on time deliveries to our customers "just in time". Think ahead, order now Even though "now" is the focus right now (!) We would encourage more or why...

2018-09-27T07:12:00+02:00Thu 27 Sep 2018|Prisma Daps|

RFID creates opportunities

Capacity to handle RFID All models of Prisma Daps 2000•L got the capacity to handle RFID. RFID communicates through NFC. Start using it today! Up to 16 tag groups Program up to 16 tag groups –for different functions and geographical areas. Decide how Prisma Daps 2000•L should act with the RFID-tags that are in use. RFID-tag can be activated for extended green time, demand green light, to increase sound...

2017-10-12T17:06:20+02:00Thu 12 Oct 2017|Prisma Daps|

Differences between Large and Medium

Prisma Daps 2000 Many customers have already ordered Prisma Daps 2000 But not all of them have really understood the differences between 2000 • L (Large) and 2000 • M (Medium). Do you know the difference? Have you got the right info about the differences between Prisma Daps 2000 • L and Prisma Daps 2000 • M? For you whom would like to know more, here under you can find a...

2017-09-28T10:15:56+02:00Thu 28 Sep 2017|Prisma Daps|