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LED on a train station

Right light. LED from Prisma Tibro gives a lot of light for the money. LED makes it possible to separate details and colours naturaly.Right protection.The right light gives a good protection against activities that likes the dark, but Prisma Eliott also gives a protection against birds. On a distance they can't be seen but the birds that are going to land will probably change their mind when they come close - efficient bird protection.

2016-11-09T10:13:20+01:00Wed 9 Nov 2016|Prisma Eliott|

Lenses LED Street Light

Lenses can be combined. LED-technology makes it possible to optimize the light where You want it. Traditional technology - for example mercury and sodium - were controlled by different kind of reflectors. Lenses provide more opportunities to get the desired light distribution. The third generation of Prisma Eliott. Now that we have launched Prisma Eliott 3-16 Remote there are many, many more possibilities than before...

2016-12-02T13:29:33+01:00Tue 1 Nov 2016|Prisma Eliott|

What about lights on suburban streets – tried LED Street Light?

We can give You advices about how others have done and how they have combined the different components for this application. Save energy. We actually have measured facts about how much You save by changing the luminaries to Prisma Eliott, LED street light made in Tibro, Sweden. More functionality. Change the light intensity with a Remote as You wish - in steps of 1 Watt.

2016-10-28T09:03:43+02:00Fri 28 Oct 2016|Prisma Eliott|
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