PrismaTibro Addtech

Addtech AB er siden juli 2018 vor nye ejer

Prisma Teknik AB og Prisma Light AB har fået ny ejer.
Addtech AB har erhvervet samtlige aktier i begge selskaber fra og med juli 2018.

Addtech AB er en svensk børsnoteret teknikhandelskoncern.
Virksomheden består af ca 120 selvstændige selskaber, som sælger højteknologiske produkter og løsninger til kunder overvejende indenfor producerende industri og infrastruktur i ca 20 lande.
Addtech AB skaber optimale forudsætninger for sine datterselskabers lønsomhed og vækst.

Bliver i Tibro

PrismaTibro hører hjemme i Tibro. Addtechs filosofi kan beskrives som små- og mellemstore virksomheder i stor skala.
Derfor skaber det nye tilhørsforhold optimale betingelser for vor fremtidige udvikling, produktion og salg i Tibro.

Medarbejderstyrken intakt

Virksomhedens ledelsesgruppe og medarbejderstab forbliver intakt.
For os alle som arbejder på PrismaTibro, for vore kunder og leverandører, er det med andre ord: Business as usual!

Det er Addtech AB

Informationen nedenfor findes (engelsk) på Addtechs hjemmeside – KLIK HER – men vi gør den tilgængelig for læsning her – nu da du allerede er her!

Successful entrepreneurial companies on a large scale

The Group has more than 2,300 employees in around 130 subsidiaries, generates annual sales of approximately SEK 8 billion and sells to around 20 countries.

Freedom with responsibility is the core principle that applies throughout the organisation. The independence of the subsidiaries is crucial in recruiting talented employees and entrepreneurs. Each subsidiary has the opportunity to grow and develop its operations, provided that it follows Addtech’s business model and framework. Addtech therefore does not micromanage its companies, and instead exercises active ownership through its Board of Directors.

Success factors: A small-scale approach on a large scale

Addtech combines the flexibility, personality and efficiency of a small company with the resources, networks and long-term approach of a large business.

Profitable growth is achieved through continuous business and organisational development. This takes place in all of Addtech’s subsidiaries. In addition, the Group develops through the acquisition of new subsidiaries, enabling expansion into new markets and a wider range of niche products and services.

Addtech shares are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. Addtech’s financial year is 1 April to 31 March.


Freedom with responsibility
Addtech’s success is based on efficient and decentralised corporate governance. Freedom with responsibility means that the subsidiaries are free to run and develop their operating activities provided they follow addtech’s business model, financial targets and group-wide rules. Acquisitions are also an important part of business and organisational growth for subsidiaries. The parent company provides a range of tools that contribute to subsidiaries’ efficiency and profitability. These tools are available in areas such as law, accounting and finance, training, quality management and it systems as well as in framework agreements (master contracts) for the purchase of services.

Market leader in select niches

The common denominator of the subsidiaries’ business concepts is that they market and sell technology products in select niches. Irrespective of whether the subsidiaries conduct technology trading or their own production operations, addtech is a technology partner and specialist that helps its customers find the right technical solution and product. Subsidiaries’ technological capabilities, long-term customer relationships and a good understanding of customers’ business have led to cooperation with world-leading companies including ABB, Ericsson, Nov Nordic, Sandvik, Tetra Packaging Pak and Volvo.

Core values

Responsibility that provides freedom
To be able to live up to our vision of being the leading value-adding tech provider, we must comply with our core values, what we call our ‘soul’. This helps us to develop and provides us with a secure base as we know what is expected of us. 

Our entire corporate culture and philosophy can be summarised in five words. We have to want to share these values if we are to all enjoy working and growing at Addtech.

Simplicity reflects our way of working. It doesn’t mean we work quickly and carelessly, but instead that we simplify challenges and do not become lost in too much detail. It should be simple for our customers and suppliers to work with us. That means we have to be clear and consistent in our approach. It also needs to be simple to work at Addtech; we have to have clear goals, simple methods, short decision-making paths and a clear division of responsibilities. 

It’s important to do the right things in the right way. It’s better to do the right things – but perhaps not completely perfectly – than to do the wrong things brilliantly. That is, 80 percent of our success depends on us doing the right things and 20 percent on us doing them correctly. Efficiency in organisations is based on the value of the items produced being higher than the cost of producing them.

The ability to develop, grow and change when required is a prerequisite for our success. Addtech has to be able to adapt to new conditions, new customers and new challenges in a constantly evolving market. So we need a constructive and positive attitude and to be open to new opportunities that arise from change.

Responsibility and freedom
We need to be able to take responsibility for what we do in order to take decisions. At Addtech we have freedom with responsibility, but never freedom without responsibility, nor responsibility without freedom. Our decentralised organisation needs this to function properly. We need clear areas of responsibility regarding: customers, products, functions, profitability and earnings. Freedom also means that it’s up to each subsidiary to select the suppliers it wants to work with and the types of customers it wants to target. All individuals should feel they have the freedom to make their own decisions and conclude transactions as it’s our subsidiaries that are closest to the market.

Business concept

A link between manufacturers and suppliers
Addtech’s business concept is to offer high-tech products and solutions to companies in the manufacturing and infrastructure sectors. We provide both technological and financial added value by being a capable partner for customers and manufacturers. This means we aim to add value, either by helping customers to produce their goods more efficiently, or by helping their products be more competitive. 

Success factors
Since becoming a listed company in 2001, Addtech’s has performed well both in terms of sales and profitability. Profitable growth is achieved through continuous business and organisational development.
This business model has proved successful and the key factors in this success are:

Employees with technical expertise and business skills
The business model is based on our people continuously developing existing and new business through their business skills, technical expertise and entrepreneurial approach. Employees who enjoy their tasks, build on their skills, and work hard to sell the products, solutions and sub-systems that add substantial value for our clients, are the most crucial factor behind the success of our business model.

Decentralised organisation and small-scale approach on large scale
The 100 or so subsidiaries and their employees in the Addtech Group have a large measure of independence combined with responsibility. Addtech combines the flexibility, efficiency and personal touch of a small enterprise with the resources, networks and long-term thinking of a large corporation. By taking a small-scale approach right across our operations we maximise the ability of a small business to achieve long-term growth and profitability.

Consistency and strong business culture
Addtech has a deeply rooted culture based on a strong business orientation, a firm focus on profitability and an ethical approach. these distinctive factors are teamed with the consistency that comes from good planning, a long-term approach, diligent decision-making and effective implementation.

Leader in technology trading that adds value
Addtech’s vision is to be the leading value-adding tech provider. This means we aim to be a value-adding link between manufacturers and customers and offer high-tech products and solutions to industrial companies.


Financial objectives
Addtech’s financial objective is to create earnings growth combined with profitability. Profitable growth is achieved through continuous business and organisational development. 

The profitability target for each subsidiary is a minimum of 45 percent, measured as the ratio between operating profit (P) and working capital (WC). This P/WC ratio encourages high operating profit and low levels of tied-up capital. When combined with the growth target of 15 percent, this creates the possibility of positive cash flow and conditions for long-term profitable growth.

Operating goals
Addtech aims to be the leader in value-adding technology trading and be perceived by our customers, suppliers and employees as the most competent and long-term partner.


Addtech has three core strategies for achieving its goals:

Market-leading positions
Addtech aims to be the market leader and to build positions in select niches with a high knowledge and technology content and where customers demand carefully selected products, solutions and subsystems, often in small and medium-sized volumes. A market-leading position is important in achieving stable growth and profitability.

Operating mobility
Addtech aims to be noted for its flexible organisation with solution-oriented, innovative employees who recognise new business opportunities. The Addtech Group aims to capitalise on the growth potential of each of its subsidiaries and product areas by dividing or merging operations, either in whole or in part. Operating mobility also involves Addtech having effective processes for integrating new operations into the Group.

Addtech aims to work at all times to strengthen its operations through small acquisitions, as well as expanding and bolstering its positions in chosen niches. Business operations are also to be acquired in new niches where the Group has the possibility of becoming the market leader. The ability to apply the Group’s business model is a success factor in all acquisitions.

Sustainability report

Addtech has published a sustainability report since 2011. It is a key part of the company’s sustainability work as it gives employees, owners and other stakeholders the opportunity to learn about how our CSR work is developing. The reports form the basis of the Group’s further CSR development. Reported topics include the Group’s use of energy, carbon footprint, employee turnover and employee occupational health and safety.

Purpose and objective of the report
The purpose of this sustainability report is to describe the Addtech Group’s objectives, strategies and governance, as well as accountability, risks and opportunities from a sustainability perspective. Its purpose is also to show the Group’s results from an economic, environmental and social perspective. The objective of the sustainability report is to provide customers, employees and shareholders with understanding and knowledge of Addtech’s CSR work.