Flexibump – fartindret som flexar

Speed bump that flexes

Also called: speed hump or road bump.

Watch the video – Flexibump is installed in just a few minutes

…without pre-drilling or casting – even by a person without prior knowledge – and is easy to move.
10 years warranty. Flexibump is accepted by the Swedish independent organization “Byggvarubedomningen” to ensure its chemical content and environmental impact throughout its lifecycle.
Flexibump is Sweden’s most popular speed bump – nearly 50,000 sold.


Protects and creates a safer neighborhood

Flexibump is very stable and follows irregularities in the surface.
Fits into all environments and is built for long-term use in road associations, residential associations, and public areas facing issues with high vehicle speeds.
Flexibump is a comfortable speed bump thanks to a unique smart design that flexes and collapses when the vehicle maintains the correct speed during passage.
Maximum traffic safety, simply.

Two sizes – increases the possibilities

Cover the entire road width or make it possible for strollers, bicycles, and wheelchairs to pass without hindrance.
Some examples:

  1. 1 pc Flexibump 240
  2. 3 pcs Flexibump 80
  3. 2 pcs Flexibump 80 to the right
  4. 2 pcs Flexibump 80 with distance between
  5. 2 pcs Flexibump 80 in the middle providing a smooth passage for trucks and buses
  6. 3 pcs Flexibump 80 in a pattern that truly encourages low speed.

Accessories for Flexibump

  1. Side Marking Blue/Yellow (X3)
  2. Side Marking Red/Yellow (X3) including foot and screw
  3. Sign A9 Warning for speed bumps
  4. Flexibump Clamp Bracket for pole Ø 60
  5. Flexibump Carrying Line